Well that was a bust… losing the Silver Fern Visa Lottery

Well that was the longest two hours of my life… with no success.

I knew going into this that applying and getting into the Silver Fern Application would be a huge long shot and that thousands of people would be trying (if not hundreds of thousands) but I am still sitting here disappointed. ( I may or may not be still refreshing as we speak just in case).

I logged in around 12:00pm my time (it was going to open 1:00pm my time) and got to the correct page, and was ready to apply. At 12:45 I went back to the page and saw it had auto logged me out when I clicked on the Silver Fern tab! Slightly panicking I went to go log in again (still 12:45pm) and with three different browsers open was unable to access the site again…. the server had already crashed by 12:46. My boyfriend meanwhile was at his office doing the exact same thing with no luck.

Finally around 1:40pm I had one browser able to get in, login and click into the Silver Fern. The application popped up and I did a happy dance in my seat and was freaking out… I went and clicked agree to the terms and conditions and as soon as I clicked the box and hit submit it crashed and kicked me out AGAIN!!!!! This happened about three more times, I never made it past the first page of the application. =(

Now I know this time around you could not fill out the application in advance so I am wondering how that worked with the people who were able to get in… and if that made it better or worse for the website. Being that the entire Immigration website crashed and wouldn’t even let me log in 30 minutes before hand makes me wondering if past years were like this as well?

Anyways, on to the back up plan… which is not too bad of plan in the first place. I was hoping for the Silver Fern so I could have less restrictions on what type of job I could get but at least I have another job visa option. I will be applying for the Holiday Work Visa as soon as my boyfriend gets approved for the IEP visa sometime in January.

O well, you lose some you win some!

PS: I recorded my entire first hour of my session as I tried to apply and took the best facial expressions for a nice little recap of my experience. Enjoy!


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