Ten Things to Know When Filling out your IEP visa for New Zealand

Ten Things to Know When Filling out your IEP visa for New Zealand by Tyler

1. Make sure you have plenty of paper in your printer. There is about 70 pages in all.

2. Get 6 passport photos taken. You need at least 4 but if you mess up one of them you have no back ups.

3. Don’t get overwhelmed by how much paperwork there is. BUNAC does a great job of step by step instructions on how to complete it. I would recommend separating each individual packet and paper clipping them together. I had 7 different packets to organize. The good thing is 2 of the larger ones are just information about insurance that is required and health requirements to obtain a visa.

4. Read over everything before you start to fill out your Visa Application. I’ll confess i didn’t read it over as closely as I should have. I would start with the “HOW TO COMPLETE YOUR IEP VISA APPLICATION”. This cover page is a step by step instruction list on how to complete your visa application. Just follow the instructions from top to bottom and you should be fine.

5. Make sure to write in block letters (not cursive)

6. Section A and Section B are straight forward. When you get to section C you may need to call BUNAC to find out if you need a chest X-ray. Luckily i did not have to get one.

7. As Kim mentioned set up your physical as soon as you receive your email with your paperwork. I have to wait almost 3 weeks!!! Another interesting thing about the “”General Medical Certificate” is it MUST be completed by a M.D. (medical doctor). It cannot be completed by R.N. or at Passport Health since the M.D. just reviews the physical. Also the M.D. must initial your photos that you have to attach with his initial and M.D. example: Dr. John Doe = JD MD. This must be on your photo.

8. Section D is about “Your Character” it’s just asking if you have any priors. Thankfully I Don’t! So that section was easy. Section E is your “Employment and qualifications” pretty simple just fill out your employment history and if you hold any special qualifications. Section F,G,H,I, and J are very simple or don’t need to be filled out at all.

9. As I went through and completed each step I crossed it off so i knew it was done. It helped me see how far along I was and what I still needed to do. I have till May 20th to get all my paperwork submitted but that date is coming faster and faster everyday. Besides that the process is pretty simple just take your time and enjoy it.

10. If you start to fill stressed about it or get confused just take a break and come back to it. I called BUNAC a few times while filling everything out. They were more then happy to help.

Thanks guys

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4 thoughts on “Ten Things to Know When Filling out your IEP visa for New Zealand

  1. Genevieve Pickett

    Hello! We too will be moving to New Zealand towards the end of the year. We currently live in Arkansas. I had thought the General Medical Certificate had to be done by a Panel Physician from the list off approved Doctors of the immigrate to New Zealand web site. Can any M.D. do this in any state? It would be much more convenient to have a local M.D. than have to go to St. Louis or Dallas. Thank you for any help.

    1. kimbrlyj5 Post author

      Hi Genevieve,

      That is one of the questions we had too, but when we called Bunac they said we could go to any doctor as long as it was signed off by a MD. I would recommenced calling your agency you are going through to double check as I thought this was confusing as well. Are you using Bunac? Let us know what your agency says as I am definitely curious. Tyler has not yet sent his forms in as of yet so we would love to know what you found out on your end.

  2. Alex David

    Do they ask for a copy of your highschool diploma? I can’t find mine, and not sure if I should order a transcript or replacement diploma.

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