Sorry Time Warner Cable, it’s me not you


I had my first semi freak out this week. And as a result I broke up with Time Warner and our cable bill (and Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, The Travel Channel, and Bravo). After I got back from the Bahamas and saw Tyler filling out all his Visa stuff for New Zealand it kinda hit me…. hard. Then I sat down and started making lists, checking my bank account, adding to the list, and breathing heavily. We are leaving in 5 months……. we need to get our shit together!!!!! Money, which I think is everyone’s biggest concern when traveling is now mine. I would like to take about 6 weeks to travel around New Zealand before getting jobs and seeing where we want to live. And that will require money. Now don’t get me wrong, we have been putting money away for about 5 months now, but when I look at all of the things we want to do and the cost of living over there, I feel like it’s never going to be enough. So long story short I cancelled our cable and had a very rude and short conversation with Time Warner Cable as a result. Tyler is not happy about it, but when I showed him the $100.00 we are going to save, then also suggested we ditch our house cleaners resulting in a extra $1000.00 in our pocket total before we leave, he said OK. The conversation I had with the Time Warner lady was really not pleasant, I told her I wanted to cancel she asked me to wait to see what she could do to get our bill lower. I said OK and waited she came back on the line and said she managed to get our bill down from $143.00 a month to $126.00 a month, so I don’t have to cancel! I said nope sorry that is not good enough and I still want to cancel which resulted in her tone changing and becoming very unfriendly….. sorry I’m not sorry lady. Anyways, this is probably going to be the first of many budget posts I am going to write about so stay tuned =).

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