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Kiwi Inspiration and Helpful Links

Let the three month countdown begin. Now that Tyler is back from his South Africa trip, we have a few precious weeks of calm before our lives get both very busy and very exciting. Before we leave for New Zealand in August, we are going to be going to Mexico for my birthday, Hawaii with my family, not to mention packing, storing stuff, and taking care of last minute details that will surely cause a few grey hairs. But leading up to this epic departure, I have been consistently following different people’s travel blogs that are either already in New Zealand or have written about New Zealand for information or just to drool over their amazing photos. In actuality this post may be my way of bookmarking my favorite sites since I will be switching up computers real soon to a laptop, and thought might as well make it public for other people to use.

Here are my favorite New Zealand expat travel bloggers so far:

Other helpful sites I am bookmarking:
Top Ten New Zealand Hikes
Department of Conservation New Zealand

I also LOVE Trover. I use it here in the states and from what I see it’s going to be just as amazing in New Zealand.

Do you have any helpful sites to add? If so let us know!

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