Side Subject- 10 Best and Worst things about living in Southern California

10 Best and Worst things about living in Southern California

I can happily say I have pretty much emotionally moved on from the whole Silver Fern Visa experience, and have moved on to accepting the holiday working visa. Now that it has been decided Tyler and I have started mentioning the plan to not only our parents and family, but other close friends as well. We have not exactly gotten the most positive responses, it has been more confusion than anything. Why would you want to leave Southern California? Do you know how many people want to be here? Why would you want to leave the most fair weather state with 300 days of Sunshine a year? Because all of our family lives in SoCal we have gotten a lot of feedback as to why they think we are crazy for uprooting and moving. Here is my list of the ten best and worst things about living in SoCal. I know these items can apply to several different places, but its reasons I am going to miss home and be glad to get away.

1. The weather. Hands down number one reason. No snow (except in the mountains), 70 degrees on Thanksgiving, beach days in the middle of January. I kid you not I do not even own a umbrella.

2. Accessible to so much fun stuff! You have the desert, the mountains, the ocean, and two great cities within a 5 hour drive. Last year, I surfed in the morning and snowboarded in the afternoon. There is always something to do outdoors whether it be surfing, snowboarding, motocross, hiking, rock climbing, or scuba diving.

3. The food. We have the best Mexican food on the planet, hands down. But if that is not your cup of tea pretty much every type of food is probably available to you within a short drive. And its amazing. Special mention to In-N-Out….. I almost put it in its own category.

4. Shopping. And by this I mean you can get the cheapest everything you could ever want desire or really don’t need. Costco, Target, the abundance of discount stores, shopping malls, and food stores ( I am looking at you Trader Joes). You will never find anything cheaper than the amount of products available somewhere in Southern California.

5. The beaches. We have so many different types of beautiful coastlines with mostly fair water temperatures. From La Jolla Cliffs to Malibu picture perfect beaches with great waves make summer amazing.

1. Traffic. Remember what I said about access to fun stuff? Well good luck getting there after 7:00am or during rush hour during the week. I commute a hour to go 14 miles. On Thanksgiving day the 5 freeway was a parking lot. The abundance of people who have made SoCal their home have made for quite the overpopulation problem. Adding to the fact SoCal has the worst public transportation in the nation makes it a fact you will spend more time in your car on the freeway with road rage than at home with a glass of wine.

2. Housing Prices. I will not be able to afford a family home here for a very long time without being completely chained to a high stress job working overtime for the next 30 years. The whole notion of buying a house, then never enjoying your house because your working all the time to pay for your house does not appeal to me, sorry. For the people who can afford housing prices here I salute you.

3. Keeping up with the Kardashians; The new millennial term for keeping up with the Joneses. Southern California has a lot of wealthy people living here, and just like other parts of the country, people feel they need to compete and constantly work on their social status. We are all guilty of it but I have grown tired lately of hearing about the newest Louis Vuitton purse or seeing the need to buy a $60,000 Audi. Works for some, not appealing to me.

4. Concrete Jungle. I see more houses, freeways, and shopping malls go up everyday. You really cannot tell where one city begins and ends it all blends together. Yes there are still places in SoCal that are remote, but access to a job and reasonable commute are unlikely. I see mother nature disappearing more and more and it makes me sad.

5. People. The amount of people living in SoCal makes you have to deal with peoples emotions on every turn, from the freeway to the post office lines, to the beaches, to the lady yelling at the Macy’s clerk to not having her right size. Sometimes you need a break from the human population.

By the way I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world and thank my lucky stars every day to live where I live and have the opportunity to travel and move. Just some observations!.

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