Seasick and Skunked… Buuuuuuuuut Still Stoaked While Diving Nusa Lembongan

Tyler and I decided to do a dive while on Nusa Lembongan, mainly I really wanted to see the Manta Rays that were in season on the point. Unfortunately our day diving did not go very smoothly and it all started with our GoPro breaking before we even left on the boat. I went to go power it on and all it does is blink the red light of death when we try and take a picture. So I have no pictures for this post as we did not bring a backup camera. We should of known this would be the start to a rough morning.
We booked a dive with Drift Divers, just two doors down from Mainski, and I cannot say enough nice things about this dive company. All the problems we had were my own and had nothing to do with them as they are great. All their equipment is new and well taken care of, I also really like that they only pair a max of 4 divers to a dive master. Our dive master P was really knowledgeable and super friendly. I think she will always remember us because of my seasickness issue, as well as Tyler telling her on the boat ride back that she was the most normal dive master he has ever met ( we have met a few that may have had a bit too much nitrogen to the brain). She thought this was pretty funny.
Anyways our first dive was at Manta Point, where the Manta Rays hang out. The clarity is not the best but its where the manta rays feed and clean. Unfortunately as soon as we motored up I knew I was in trouble because of how surgy the water was, plus there was no less than ten boats with their horrible smelling motors spraying fumes across the whole little point. I immediately started getting seasick and had to jump in quickly to get away from it.

Unfortunately we were the only group that day not to see a single manta ray.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….the dive master said she has been diving this spot three years and this is the first time she has not seen one on a dive while in season… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
I know this is a serious first world problem and cue the violins but seriously what bad dive luck.
Then unfortunately after our first dive, I came up and proceeded to start getting seasick again, and it lasted for the entire rest of the day. I was the girl that was hanging off the back of the boat feeding the fish the whole way to the second dive spot. I have never felt that horrible and in all honestly think i may have had a slight case of food poisoning to go along with it… as I usually never get that sick. I also could have been the boat exhaust paired with the swell in the water but seriously I wanted to die.
The second dive at Crystal Bay was drop dead gorgeous. So many fish, and the water clarity was great, we were down 60 feet and it felt like 15. Crystal Bay is where the Mola Mola hang out and clean, although P had said we didnt have that great of chance of seeing one….. yah we didn’t but at least I was prepared. Unfortunately my seasickness continued even under water ( I think at that point my body was just permanently not happy) and halfway through the dive felt a wave a nausea come over me and I ended up puking into my regulator 60 feet down… yes you heard me….. I puked in my regulator and will be the first to admit how disgusting it was…. but after that felt fine, gave the ok sign, and we proceeded to finish our dive.
I have definitely had better days diving, and to be honest it was really embarrassing to be THAT girl who could not hold her breakfast. But when Tyler asked me that night if I was giving up diving that night I thought about throwing a seasickness patch on right then and there and going back for more tomorrow. From now on, I will not set a toe on a boat without a seasickness patch. I highly recommend Drift Divers if you are visiting Nusa Lembongan.
We are now on our way to Medewi Beach for 4 days, a two hour drive up the coast from Kuta. We are hoping to get some more surf and be in a place that is a bit slower than Kuta or the Bukit peninsula to keep the relaxation going.

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2 thoughts on “Seasick and Skunked… Buuuuuuuuut Still Stoaked While Diving Nusa Lembongan

  1. Georgette Brooks

    So sorry to hear of your sickness. We say our prayers for you and Tyler everyday.
    Sure enjoy all your blog’s. It makes it seem like you are just a short distance away.
    Love your much, Aunt Georgette

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