Preparing to Leave For New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand- Preparing to Leave!We are less than one month away from our New Zealand departure date!

Because we have been so busy with work and other travel, preparing to leave for New Zealand has been a whirlwind to say the least. We are in full prep mode now as its less than a month away. But since it has been a while since we posted anything on the moving process, I wanted to give a full breakdown on the experience and what it has been like to prepare for such a life change.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, Tyler is set up with a IEP Visa, and I am coming on a Holiday Work Visa, which I went into detail on both. Because Tyler is over 30, he had to go through some more hoops and paperwork than I did to get his IEP Visa. I just had to apply online and received my holiday work visa in about 48 hours ( the joys of being young). If you are over 30 and thinking about applying for the IEP Visa, I encourage you to read Tylers post HERE about helpful hints to filling it out. You can also read about my disastrous experience in trying to apply for the Silver Fern Work Visa HERE

Telling Friends and Family
Pretty much everyone was super supportive the minute Tyler and I started mentioning our plan to move to leave our jobs and move to New Zealand for a year to see a different part of the world and take the opportunity to travel to some locations that are too expensive to get to on the reg. We have so many people who are planning on visiting (you people better come!!).

Telling our Employers
I was shaking as I walked into my bosses office. I honestly did not know if they would understand why we were doing what we are doing and have it get awkward…. my boss was amazing. My bosses boss was amazing. Everybody was so excited for us and wished us nothing but the best. Tyler’s boss was the same and let me tell you it was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders when we walked out of both offices.

Moving out of our Apartment
Confession: This is what I am most sad about. I love our apartment. It is a couple blocks from the beach and we got a amazing deal on it. I will miss it. But newsflash, maybe my next apartment obsession is still out there….. and I think love for a rented apartment is something that probably needs to be taken lightly as there is no way I will be staying there for the rest of my life. We have decided to sell most of our (junk) stuff and just keep a few items in storage and at parents houses… I really have no problem getting rid of most of our furniture as it was bought cheaply in the first place, except for a few pieces that we want to hold onto. As we had to be out August 1st I have spent the last three weeks selling stuff on EBay and craiglist, and we just had a garage sale on Saturday that was only mildly successful, I think the internet has really changed the whole garage sale game. Still worth it to get rid of stuff but not really a money maker… oh well. Now that we are out of our apartment I am trying to figure out how to cut down my “I have to bring this” pile to about half of what it was.

New Zealand Bank Accounts
The company we went through to get Tyler’s IEP visa as well as my Holiday Work Visa already set up bank accounts for each of us, the only requirements are we can’t access the money we transfer until we enter the country, and we just need to bring our passport and proof of home address when we arrive. As soon as we land in Auckland, we will be visiting a local branch to get our debit cards and be completely set up.

Health Insurance
This was a must, I didn’t care what our budget was as long as we had health insurance. We ended up buying through Compass Benefits, which gave us a year coverage for about $700.00.

Whats the Plan?
Our Plan is to arrive in New Zealand the last week of August. We are going to spend a couple days in Auckland, buy a car, then spend 4-6 weeks traveling around the country camping as much as possible. We will also be applying and looking into jobs as we go although what type of jobs we will end up with I am not sure. We are not sure where we want to live either but I guess that will depend on what type of jobs we get offered and availability. If we don’t find work or end up not liking it, well then we will leave and travel until we run out of $$ then hightail it back to the states to continue where we left off (sort of). Between August 1 and the end of August when we touch down in New Zealand we have a trip planned that I will go into detail later but both Bali and Hong Kong are in the works.

That’s all for now!

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3 thoughts on “Preparing to Leave For New Zealand

  1. Ashley

    I can’t wait to read about your adventures in NZ!

    I traveled there a couple years ago and have vowed to relocate their with my husband once the timing works with my grad school ventures and his military career. We live here in SD as well (he is Navy) and I’m a native to and so we are excited to to read about your experience since I think your guys perspective may be a little closer to ours compared to some of the other expat blogs we follow.

    I wish you both the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your adventures and mishaps relocating and reestablishing yourselves in NZ.

    Thanks for sharing your stories!


    1. kimbrlyj5 Post author

      Thanks for following our blog Ashley! We are super excited and cannot wait to experience New Zealand, glad to hear you loved it when you visited. We will be posting a ton of pictures when we start our travels next week. Thanks for the words of encouragement! ( And by the way we love San Diego as well, such a great city).

  2. Misa

    Betch! Wtf you have a blog??? What?! Lol I miss your random ass. I’m so excited to follow your crazy adventures and am so stoked for you and Tyler!!!! Now I’m going to stalk you via the blog so the sudden increase in website activity is definitely me 🙂 xoxoxo

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