The Plan and Visas

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Our plan is to move to New Zealand by July/August of next year. This also depends on our Visa’s we get which will basically outline when we can enter the country. After doing extensive research on the Visa subject and spending hours on the New Zealand immigration website, I have decided to initially try for the Silver Fern Work Search Visa, while my boyfriend is going to wait until January and hopefully get a Bunac IEP visa. Because my boyfriend is 32, he is limited to the Visa’s he can apply to since 30 is the cutoff number for the working holiday visa. Since I am 29 and meet the requirements for the Silver Fern Visa I am going to try for that first and then get a Working Holiday Visa if I am not able to get into the Silver Fern. I would prefer to get a Silver Fern Visa as it does not restrict the type of job I could get and since we are planning to be in New Zealand long term I think this will be a better option for me.
The Silver Fern Visa, according to the New Zealand Immigration website, “is a visa allows people to enter New Zealand for nine months to search for skilled employment. There is a limit of 300 places per year”.

To be eligible you must meet our requirements, which include:
•being aged between 20 and 35
•meeting all of the qualifications requirements
•meeting English language requirements
•having enough funds to support yourself during your stay.
From what I have read from other blogs, they only allow 300 people to receive one each year, and they are usually gone within 8 minutes of opening up online.
They used to open in March/April every year but this year did some maintenance on the website and the process so now it is going to open in November. You bet I will be online and ready to go, here is to hoping to win the Visa lottery!
Here is a link to the Silver Fern information:

For the IEP Visa ( I believe they only offer it to the US) there are some unique requirements as well:
IEP program application process:
1. You apply online and pay the program fee of $588
2. BUNAC will send you next step instructions which include visa application and a list of supporting documents
3. You send next step supporting documents:
a. Paper visa application
b. Extra passport sized photos
c. Passport
d. Health documents if necessary
e. Proof of insurance or purchase of BUNAC insurance*
f. Proof of support funds ($4,200 NZD)
g. Flight itinerary
4. BUNAC sends your passport and visa application (and health certificates if necessary) to the Embassy
5. The Embassy approves your application, send the passport / visa back to BUNAC
6. BUNAC will send your pre-departure package (with your passport visa of course) to you
7. You’re ready to go!
8. Once you arrive in Auckland you grab a shuttle to the hostel we’ve booked you at for two nights
9. Attend arrival orientation with our partner in Auckland
10. Enjoy 12 months in NZ working / travelling with full support of our partner office the way.
Source: Bunac Work Abroad. Click Here to go to their webpage.

Assuming this all goes well they will give us a timeframe to enter the country and we will make a set date!

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