Our last month on the North Island

New Year, new travel plans. As we go into our last month on the North Island Tyler and I have been relatively quiet on the travel front the last month and half while we replenish our bank account to move to the South Island. January consisted of mostly work which at times made us grumpy since it was the middle of summer and we felt like we should be out with Lucy exploring more of the North Island. But we did manage to get out for a couple day trips (Omanawa Falls was amazing) and just recently did the luge in Rotorua which seriously is a must do if you are in the area, it is so much fun. We also made a night trip to Piha beach outside of Auckland and found another really pretty waterfall. Lastly, got a pretty significant swell to the Bay of Plenty that kept the surf up for at least a solid week.

Luge rotorua

Trying out the luge (human Mario cart) in Rotorua

piha new zealand

Piha coastline

waterfall piha new zealand

waterfall outside of Piha

surf mount maunganui new zealand

surf morning Mount Maunganui

surfing mount maunganui

Tyler surfing a typhoon swell in the Mount

Mount Maunganui New zealand

Mount Maunganui we will miss you!

Mount maunganui new zealand

hiking the Mount

Omanawa Falls, tauranga new zealand

Omanawa Falls, just 20 minutes from the Mount

The nice thing about the start to February is we have a ton to look forward to, between upcoming trips to Australia, Samoa, and of course the move to the South Island in March. But even more importantly, we are getting ready for a stream of visitors to come hang out with us in February, March, and April from home and I cannot wait to show them around! At the end of February our friends Katie and Jed fly in for a week of adventures, which will involve surfing, a lot of wine drinking, and a visit to Rere Rockslide ( a request from them after seeing our video). After they depart, we pick up Tyler’s best friend and our former roomie Scott who is going to drive down to the South Island with us as we make the move. Having them reunited is going to be a lot of fun and he is pumped to do a lot of New Zealand adventures (he is making Tyler bungee jump in Queenstown with him hehe). Finally my parents fly in to Queenstown in the beginning of April and we will be doing a full circumnavigation of the South Island with them and our family friends. I cannot wait to see them and travel around for 2 weeks, its awesome having such travel friendly parents. So working in January was definitely necessary for all of these upcoming adventures.

But with all of these adventures, Tyler and I are still kinda sad about having to leave the North Island soon. We love our flatmates to pieces and honestly it is going to be hard to say goodbye to them. We have had so many fun nights hanging out (and laughing extremely hard) with them and their friends they have introduced us too that I have a little urge to just call the whole move off and keep living in Mount Maunganui with them. We are also going to miss some of Tyler’s co-workers we have grown fond of and became Tyler’s surf buddies when it was too big for me to paddle out.

But as we go into our last 3 weeks of work before we are free again, I am starting to get really excited to get on the road again. Mary (our tent) has been gathering some dust and we cannot wait to explore the rest of New Zealand.

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