One week to go!

I have one week to go until I sit on my computer to apply to the Silver Fern Work Search Visa for New Zealand and I am already starting to get nervous. Keeping my fingers crossed all this week hoping I get in. We talked about what we would do if I don’t get in, and I know the Holiday visa is a great option but I really want to be able to have better job opportunities where I don’t have to switch in six months. My boyfriend has to wait until January 1st to apply for the IEP Visa so he has a little longer to wait. Since we are planning to live over there long term it just makes more sense to get into this Visa if I can. Also, another change that has me worried is they no longer allow you to fill out your form ahead of time! This has me nervous as I think that will waste precious seconds and further decrease my chances of getting in. Anyways, my next post will be the good or bad news so we will see! In the meantime I am back at work after a three day vacation to Baja Mexico which was a awesome break from the grind. The next post is dedicated to Mexico and all we did do I will leave the details for later!

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