Lets Get Physical

IEP update:

The great news, the good news, and well the start of many travel plan logistics to figure out. First the great news: Tyler is going to South Africa in April! His mom has always wanted to go and safari down there and decided no time like the present. She is also treating Tyler, which is pretty awesome to say the least. They will be doing a two week trip starting in April with Africa Answers and he is so excited to go. Pictures and a post will follow.

The good news is that Tyler is almost done with the paperwork for the IEP Visa. But the one snag we came across is trying to find a doctor in his health insurance network. He spent over two hours on the phone yesterday trying to line up a physical appointment, but because he would be a new patient the earliest he could get in was late March. This means he will have to wait to submit all the IEP Visa stuff until after his Africa trip in late April, since they take his passport to process for about three weeks. I would really rather his turn in his stuff earlier for approval than later, but technically we are still OK since the deadline in May 20th.

In other news, as I mentioned I was reading the 4 Hour Workweek and they have a great section about getting rid of your stuff before traveling:

“What is the 20% of my belongings that I use 80% of the time? Eliminated the other 80% of clothing, books, and all else”

Looks like I will be doing some trips to Goodwill in the near future. <3 The competition is on, I took this photo two years ago when I went on a safari with my parents.. Tyler can you one up me? IMG_0266

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