Hello 2015!

Hey there 2015, your looking pretty good up close 😉

I cannot believe it is already 2015, I am pretty excited to turn the corner and start a new year. 2014 was great, a lot of good memories with my family and friends, took some pretty nice trips to Cabo and Baja and many a weekend trip to San Diego and northern California. But let me tell you, I am so excited for 2015!!! Hopefully it will be the year for change, new friends, and slightly scary but rewarding travel experiences. Last week Tyler called Bunac to check up on the IEP Visa for New Zealand after we saw it had opened to UK peeps, and they said it should be opening any day now. I keep checking my email a lot and looking at their website, I know once he applies and gets the go ahead it will be more real and we can really start planning! My next post will hopefully be the ” he is in and now it’s real post”.


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