Goodbye Bali G’day Australia….Can I see your visa?

Our last three days in Bali were awesome. After leaving Medewi Beach we headed to Komune Resort in front of Keramas Surf Break. For Tyler’s birthday his parents each gave us one night stay at Komune so we were looking forward to being pampered for a couple days. Komune did not let us down as it was seriously the prettiest resort I have stayed at in a while. They definitely have a healthy vibe going at the resort as they do daily yoga classes at a beautiful yoga studio, as well as surf fitness classes at their large gym on property. The main feature of the property right off the lobby is a huge organic garden. I ordered a grilled vegetable salad and smoothie the first night that was seriously delicious. Tyler had a blast surfing Keramas both days we were there, while I took a yoga class every morning.
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After our stay we headed back to Kuta for a night to fly out the next day. Personally one day in Kuta is enough (for our bank accounts and livers), but we did hit the town for a night and may have ended up at the Bounty.

When we got to the airport the real headache started when the ticket agent asked to see Tyler’s Visa. Tyler took out his New Zealand visa and handed it to her. The girl shook her head and said “no your Australian visa” and Tyler then looked at her like she was crazy. Unfortunately, what Virgin Australia did not tell us when we booked Tyler’s ticket was that any layover in Australia that is longer than 9 hours requires a visa. Because we booked his ticket late and he could not get on my flight, he had to endure a longer layover than my 6 hour one. We were now sitting at the Bali airport, 2 hours from our flight and did not have a Australian visa for Tyler. The agent tried to tell us to go online to the Australian Visa Website and he will be instantly approved, but of course the airport Wifi was down and we had no way of accessing the internet. At this point we started to get pretty stressed out. We were tired and cranky from being up until midnight, and foreign airports can be overwhelming when you are not sure where you are going and have 8 pieces of luggage including two very large board bags. Luckily for us, a ticket agent from JetStar was not busy and after calling over her manager, we were able to have another company log into the system and get Tyler his Visa… thank god. This is why we always get to the airport 2 1/2 hours early.
The other bummer was because Tyler had to go through customs in Australia, he also had to go collect his bags (2 duffels and a board bag) and repeat the whole check in process in Australia. I could not go with him because I did not have a visa and wasn’t allowed to go through customs. The best I could do was get him coffee the minute he got back, as we just had gotten off the red eye flight. Luckily the ride from Brisbane to Auckland was quite uneventful.

See you in New Zealand….

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