Diving with Stuart Cove’s in the Bahamas

Scuba Diving Bahamas style

Ugh I already miss the Bahamas. Seriously the trip was such a nice 5 days that I felt like it went by in a blur. But now the next trip we take will be selling all of our stuff and moving to New Zealand so that’s something to look forward to…. and stress out about! Anyways my favorite day in the Bahamas hands down was the day I spent doing a two tank dive in the morning, then having my friends meet me in the afternoon to get back on the boat for a snorkel trip. At the end of the day I was so tired, happy, and salty from being in the ocean all day… it was a good day.

Stuart Cove’s picked me up in front of the Atlantis at 7:30 am and it was about a 45 minute bus ride to the other side of the island. There were some trip adviser reviews online complaining about how long the drive was and I have no idea what these people were talking about, it was such a pretty drive I felt it went fast. Now I follow a blogger Rica who is a Scuba Instructor who also did a review on Stuart Cove’s and had a negative review of this dive company so needless to say as a new diver I was a little nervous going diving for the day by myself due to her experience. You can find her review HERE. I decided to take her advice and hire a private divemaster for the day so I could sit back and enjoy myself and not worry about anything, plus it would not hurt as a new diver to get a skills refresh. Now I know that many people would freak out about dropping so much money on one two-tank dive but in all honesty it was worth it to me. Especially since I was by myself.

Anyways when I got there, we were guided to the registration desk to check in, I was amazed about how big this dive operation was, and how organized it was as well. They didn’t seem to be at max capacity with divers that morning so I could see how this place could get extremely busy. It was actually a really cool shop as it is the old set for the movie flipper and they kept a lot of the props.




After signing in, they introduced me to Marcus my instructor and we went to the top of the boat to do a dive briefing. He was great and professional and I felt extremely comfortable after the first dive. One thing to note about the experience was the water temp, it was cold! It was in the low 70’s and I definietly was grateful for my 3’2 wet suit. We got really lucky, on the first dive site called Port Nelson we saw a turtle, a huge ray, and a eel within the first 15 minutes. Everyone on the boat was really excited after the first dive. Everyone else on the boat seemed to be pretty experienced divers and I think there was about 8 of them to the other dive master, I was definitely the newbie of the group. The other cool thing was the wreck we saw on this first dive, it was awesome and for only my fifth dive ever, I was pretty happy to see so much stuff.









The second dive was a dive site called pumpkin patch, and we saw a couple reef sharks that was pretty cool as well. We also swam to another little wreck dive that had a bunch of lion fish hanging out inside. Unfortunately I am also new at filming stuff with my Go Pro so a lot of my pictures of moving animals did not turn out… pretty bummed my shark pics didn’t make it, O well!







After the two tank dive I hung out at the dive shop and ate lunch, they had a full grill set up so you could buy hamburgers and sandwiches which was awesome, plus since I wasn’t diving in the afternoon I took this opportunity to drink a Kalik or two =)

When my friends got to the shop we all boarded the boat for the snorkel trip. We went to three different snorkel sites, one of which was a bunch of different statues placed in the water, the second one was just ok, not a lot to see fish wise, and the third one a complete trip as it was a shark snorkel!

Here is some pics of the first snorkel spot:



This was a plane wreck that was on the first snorkel site…

Me Playing Mermaid

The second snorkel site I didn’t get any photos since there was not much to see. But the third snorkel site was crazy! They dropped a bait box to the ocean floor where about 30 sharks started circling. We then were instructed to get in the water and hold onto a line to check out the feeding sharks below. After about ten minutes when the bait box went empty the sharks started swimming up and we were then instructed to quickly get out! LOL talk about a trip as a couple sharks came pretty close and I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but overall was pretty awesome to see. The pictures below are not the best quality but you can see us in the water with the sharks below.



This was after we got out of the water after the bait box was dropped, the sharks hung around the boat I think hoping to be fed some more.


After we got back to the dive shop, we had to celebrate our adventure with a couple Sands to close the day =) Oh and by the way our driver back to the hotel was name was Van and I have to give him a shoutout because he did a great tour back where he pointed out things about downtown Nassau to help pass the time back. He was such a happy guy and a great tour guide =)

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