Blue Spring, New Zealand’s Purest Water

As we come into the last week of being in the working world before taking off two months to go travel again, we have been trying to do as much local adventures as possible before we leave the Bay of Plenty. One easy day trip we took last week was to the Blue Spring at Te Waihou Walkway, just outside Hamilton. It would actually be a great stop for someone who was planning on going to Hobbiton for the day as it would be a easy detour and is just outside Matamata. The Blue Spring is where New Zealand gets about 70% of their bottled water. The spring is fed from the Mamaku Plateau where the water takes up to 100 years to filter through, the water is so pure and clean that it is virtually clear and a vibrant blue colour. Te Waihou Walkway is around a 4.5 km easy trek that follows the stream and passes by the spring. It was a very easy and mellow little hike, but seriously beautiful. It would be the perfect hike to take family on if they are not avid trampers. The water in the stream is only 11 degrees all year round so it is a cold but refreshing swim, at the spring itself there are stairs leading into the water and a awesome swimming spot. If you want to swim by yourself there are spots further down the stream that you could also jump in. There was also a ton of beautiful plants and flowers along the walking trail, as well as butterflies everywhere making the place even more of a great hike to experience for a day.

Blue Spring - Te Waihou Walkway

Blue Spring – Te Waihou Walkway

blue springs 4Blue Spring - Te Waihou WalkwayBlue Spring - Te Waihou Walkwayblue springs 2Blue Spring - Te Waihou Walkway

To get directions to this gem, check out some more information HERE.

Up next we fly out to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast of Australia for 5 days of sun and surf, and hopefully koalas and kangaroos. =)

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