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Welcome to our little home on the internet and our New Zealand Travel blog!

We decided to start this blog to document the next couple years of our lives as they are about to change dramatically. About 3 months ago we decided to make a plan to move from Newport Beach California to New Zealand and experience a different side of the world. Why? Why not! Both us being into all things ocean related and very into outdoor adventures we are excited to begin a new adventure.


About us:
We have been living together in Newport Beach California for the last two and a half years in a little apartment across the street from the beach. We LOVE our apartment and it will probably the one big thing that will be hard to let go of as housing in Newport is hard to find at a good price. We both love to surf, occasionally snowboard ( I hope to do more of this in NZ hopefully), and just recently became divers and sailors (and by this I mean we just started sailing and are 5 weeks in and just got scuba certified). I absolutely love the ocean and want to spend ever waking moment in it, which is one reason we are making the move ( more on that later). My boyfriend has been surfing for over 10 years and loves all things surf related. I work a corporate job that I cant wait to leave as well as just completed my MBA through a local university. We do not have any pets, children, or credit card debt ( I have a student loan) so we wanted to do this before any of that changes.

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