Being River Rats in Rotorua

Tyler and I once again packed up Lucy this week and decided to do a one night camping trip back to the Rotorua area, non affectionately nicknamed Roto-reeka. Seriously I cannot handle the rotten egg smell. But the town has so many fun things to do we just tried (and failed most of the time) to ignore it as we were super stoked to try white water rafting and zorbing.

We signed up for the grade 5 Kaituna rapids trip with River Rats Rotorua, which being the first white water rapids experience for Tyler, seemed like a great introduction. Tyler immediately volunteered us for the front two seats, in which I then proceeded to give him a death stare for the first ten minutes of the trip. It turned out to be a great decision when the guide volunteered me to sit on the front of the boat with my feet hanging over the edge for a set of rapids… as soon as we hit the rapids I was then flung back into the raft with my feet in the air. This caused some serious laughter for about five minutes straight… thanks Tyler.

We got to raft two different waterfall sections during our hour on the river, including the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world. Luckily not a single person fell out during the trip, although a girl in the back came awfully close. Half way down we also got to jump out of the raft and take some rapids on our backs which was pretty fun.


After our afternoon on the river we then drove to Okareka Lake about 15 minutes out of Rotorua where we stayed the night at a Doc Campsite. For $10.00 a person, you got this amazing view of the lake, and Tyler was able to do some fishing (not catching unfortunately). One big plus of the location was the lack of sulfur smell, which was worth the money in itself.
lake okareka doc campsitelake okarekalake okareka doc campsite1

The next morning, we headed out to OGO Rotorua to try zorbing before heading home. What is zorbing? Basically you jump into this giant hamster ball full of water and get pushed down a hill. Tyler and I were excited to try it but it didn’t look very action packed as the ball looks like it doesn’t go very fast down the hill. I expected it to be a pretty mellow ride but it is actually way faster then it looks. Tyler gave us a pretty good push in the beginning so we got going pretty fast.

All in all a great little getaway one our days off when the surf was flat!

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  1. mar james

    OMG I’ve never even heard of the things you are doing. I am so happy for the two of you. Now thats living. Love you both and love reading the blog.

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