Being American Ninja Warriors at Adrenaline Forest

About 30 minutes drive from Tauranga on the way to Rotorua is a all terrain park just off the main highway. I looked it up online and their slogan is “Imagine a giant outdoor adventure park where you can create your own dream playground…” .

Then I saw a brochure for Adrenaline Forest, and really anytime we get to do rope swings and flying foxes we are basically in and it is a inexpensive way to spend a afternoon annnnd I really wanted to try out this whole dream playground thing. It is known that Kiwi’s love to jump off stuff; bridges, rocks, planes, you name it they do it. I guess it makes sense that the first bungee jump was invented here, which I am still not 100% convinced I am going to do before leaving.

But that being said I think kiwis have just as much appreciation for zip lining down things as they do jumping off them. Also called flying foxes, adrenaline forest makes you climb up through a series of obstacles (think rope swings, balance cords, rolling log bridges, and loop ropes) but then bring you back down via zip line. Basically the best combination, by the time you get through each course (6 in total) the zip line down is welcome rest. The best part about the course is there is no guide, you do it all yourself and work at your own pace. They also have a pretty high tech carabiner system that doesn’t allow you to fall more than a foot. Such a fun way to spend a afternoon but now Tyler and I are laid out on the couches at home with some pretty sore muscles =)
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Adrenaline forest 100

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