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Tyler and I decided to take 3 days and travel back to Gisborne when we saw that the surf was supposed to be decent, the weather good, and no chance of rain. We felt we needed to give the town another shot, when we were there last it was pouring down rain and the town was recovering from massive flooding. We heard so much about Gisborne and the great surf that we knew it could redeem itself in better conditions.

The drive alone is absolutely beautiful, the main highway from Tauranga to Gisborne winds through a massive gorge, and next to a beautiful river. It is one of my favorite drives on the North Island, only to be beat so far by the 45 minute drive to the Rere Falls.

When we got to Gisborne, we made camp at the Gisborne Top Ten Holiday Park, then drove over to Wainui to go surf. Luckily, it hadn’t blown out yet so we were able to get a hour in before the wind changed. Wainui is a beautiful beach, but I also enjoyed watching the Gisborne “dog parade” go by with their owners. Because it was such a beautiful day the whole town was out walking their pets along the beach.
Wainui Bay
After our first surf session, we decided to drive up the coast and check out a couple more spots before we lost the light. We ended up at Tolaga Bay, which is known for the 660 meter wharf. The opening of Tolaga Bay Wharf in 1929 made it possible for large coastal trading ships to load and offload goods.It became quite rundown before a ton of restoration work was done to it in recent years. It’s worth a walk down, and now most people use it for fishing and jumping off of for a swim.
20151019_14504220151019_145951Tolaga Bay Wharf 23Tolaga Bay Wharf1

The next day, we both had a early morning surf session then drove out to Rere falls and rock slide. The 45 minute drive out to Rere Falls is absolutely breathtaking, I told Tyler I was ready to buy a vineyard and live there forever. It was one of those fall in love with New Zealand moments that made the trip worth it before we even got to the falls.

We stopped for a bit at Rere Falls, which is a very large and cool waterfall. You can drive right up to it, so it’s very easy to stop and take a look.

We then continued our drive to Rere rock slide and as we drove down into the parking lot we were stoked to see we were the only ones there. The rock slide is 60 meters long and ends in a large pool, and there are a couple bumps on the way down to keep it interesting. We probably slid down by ourselves for at least a hour until a couple from the UK joined us. Unfortunately they had a bit of trouble staying on their boards and ended up loosing them half way down and continuing the slide on their ass =/…. hehe. The pictures do not do it justice, but we made a video at the bottom of this post so you can get the idea how much fun it really is.


What was so cool about the rock slide is that it’s completely mother nature made, and in the middle of nowhere. Definitely a must do if you come to New Zealand.

Overall we had a amazing little get away in Gisborne and cant wait for our next weekend trip!

Below is a video I made of our little weekend trip!

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