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about us

Hi my name is Kimberly and my fiancee is Tyler.

We met when I was 22 the night before Thanksgiving and have been together 7 1/2 years. We have been living together the last 3 years in a apartment in Newport Beach CA. Around September of 2014, we both started talking about taking a time out to go and travel together. When jobs, school, and all the other grown up stuff made us busier and busier we really started to think about a year abroad and all the places we wanted to see. So we just sold everything and are taking a year to travel through New Zealand and surrounding areas. We both LOVE to surf, scuba dive, and just be around and in the ocean in general so we though SurfSeaYouandMe was a appropriate name given most of our activities will probably be ocean related.

COMING FROM: Newport Beach CA
LOVE: Kimberly loves surfing, scuba diving, sailing, coffee, nutella, mexican food. Tyler loves surfing, diving, golf, ice cream, and the Simpsons.
LONG TERM GOALS: Get married, surf a lot of waves, eat a lot of mexican food, start a B&B