4 Days at Mainski Hotel in Nusa Lembongan

4 Days at Mainski Hotel in Nusa Lembongan

Tyler and I headed to Nusa Lembongan shortly after arriving in Bali. We originally were going to wait a week before heading over to the island, but decided to head over early when we could store our luggage at our friends house and not have to haul everything on the boat. We booked a 4 night stay at Mainski Resort, a good budget option for the island. Total for 4 nights, it came out to around 2,900,000.00 RP(around $200.00 USD), and included the transportation to and from the the ferry in Sanur, the ferry round-trip on Scootfast Cruises, and the room.

The ferry ride on Scootfast was interesting, there was swell in the water and it seriously felt like every wave we hit was going to be the one that broke the boat apart. If you get seasick easily I definitely recommend taking something before going on the boat because the crew close it up as they start going and it gets very hot very fast and you may end up in backward sitting seats for the 45 minute ride.


Once dropped off at Mainski, we just relaxed for the next 4 days. Tyler surfed shipwrecks, a break right in front of Mainski. He ended up donated some skin on the reef after a girl dropped in on him and he was forced to straighten out, unfortunately every time we paddled out there was no less than 20 people out at the break. Shipwrecks breaks well on a higher tide and as soon as the tide switched in the afternoon the ant march of surfers began. I surfed it one day right as it switched and managed to get a couple waves before the afternoon rush came in. Mainski is actually a great place to stay if you want to surf, as a couple water taxis hang out there waiting to take surfers out to the breaks… and the only charge around 20,000 each way (1.25 USD). I surfed playgrounds twice, which is a break in the harbor that also works on a higher tide. When Tyler and I were on Nusa Lembongan 6-8 years ago, there was not nearly as many surfers in the water, but those times are long gone as we never saw less than 15 people on it when it breaks.

Mainski also has a great happy hour, which we basically waited every night for to get our Bintang fix… large Bintangs from 4-7 pm were 30,000 Rp or $2.00 US. They also have SUPS you can take out, which we did one day to go snorkle playgrounds on the low tide. Unfortunately I lost my sunglasses to the sea that day (ugh only a week into our trip). I did manage to take a couple pictures of the reef but the pictures do not really do it justice on how alive and pretty the reefs are around the island.


The staff at Mainski were also super nice, we really liked hanging out with the staff throughout our time. The rooms are very basic accommodation with cold showers, fan or AC, and little patios. For the price, it can’t be beat as it also has a small infinity pool, nice lounge chairs, great food, and a great staff (thanks to Sandy the manager for the great stay).

We also had a chance to put the drone up on the beach for a night and made some fast friends with some of the local kids. They loved chasing the drone around and getting in front of the camera. I have a whole video I will be putting up in another post. =)

Nusa Lembongan itself has gotten a lot busier in the last 6-8 years. When I was there last there was not nearly as many surfers in the water, scooters on the road, or trash on the beach (this really makes me mad). Luckily, the coral is still in very decent shape, especially when comparing it to the Gili Islands. When I was in the Gili Islands 6 years ago, the coral was bleached and dying, and from what I heard from the local dive masters hasn’t gotten better. We went diving one day (I am saving that whole experience for another post) and the coral was really beautiful, definitely worth the money to go experience it, although there was a sh***t ton of divers in the water as it was high season. Unfortunately, as the start to my not so wonderful day, our Go Pro broke right before the dive so I got zero photos (cue the violin).
All in all we had a good time in Nusa Lembongan and glad we went again. If you want to check out Mainski, Click here for their website.

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