A Look at the Finer Details of a Surfer’s Life and Travel Requirements

Talofa from the Auckland Airport! As Tyler and I just got back from 5 glorious days on the Gold Coast we are back in Auckland for one night before leaving to go to Samoa for a week! We are so excited to check out Salani Surf Resort and hopefully do a lot of surfing, some diving, and some adventuring. With us in the middle of three weeks of surf travel, I wanted to share a guest post with everyone about the more complex part of traveling with board bags. We were lucky enough not to get charged on this last flight back to Auckland for our board bag, and its always a crap shoot which airline is going to charge and which isn’t (thank you Virgin Australia we love you).

A surfer’s way of life usually revolves around living carefree and travelling to some of the most iconic locales in the world. Closely associated with these are the factors that come from sorting out surfing equipment, going through airport security, and lining up on the baggage counter. Without a doubt, the first aspect will always be the easiest, because anyone can just drive to a local beach and ride a wave. However, for surfers to really reap the intangible rewards of the sport, they first have to learn the nitty gritties of airline travelling.

At its core, a surfer’s equipment are as easy-going as they come. There’s just a great feeling that emanates from something as simple as waxing the board to something as thrilling as riding a wave. Its a pretty straight forward sport concerning equipment, once you make a initial investment you are pretty much set in expenses. In a way, surfers also have it easy in terms of the gear they bring when traveling. A typical carry-on baggage would consist of board shorts, rash guards, and maybe some bottles of sunscreen. A straightforward approach compared to a skier’s or a snowboarder’s luggage. With these things considered, surfers can plainly travel with their hand-carry bags. Baggage allowances from different carriers shouldn’t be a major problem, as a UK-based parking aggregator states on its blog that some budget airlines lowered their definite measurements by 37%. According to one of the website’s article, the new cabin measurements read 50cm x 40cm x 20cm – practical numbers, indeed, for a travelling surfer. Of course, the inevitability of shelling out a little extra for check-in baggage fees for a surfboard comes into play. But when everything’s said and done, there’s nothing quite like the experience of flying to a different country knowing you are in for a week of surfing.

While some people look at surfing as an activity that momentarily breaks the monotony of everyday life, others embrace the sport as a channel where they can see Mother Nature’s best creations from a distinct vista. At the end of it all, this is just a basic reminder about taking a break from being mesmerized at the bigger picture and looking the finer details of life and travel.

We are definitely traveling light this trip, with just a carry on and a board bag ( I think we may still have brought too much stuff). We are super excited to check out Samoa and cant wait to share some pictures with everyone!

Stayed tuned for our adventures from Australia and Samoa!

****While we do occasionally allow guest posts on our blog our opinions are always our own!

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